MSR001: Bablicon - In a Different City
MSR002: Summer Hymns - Voice Brother & Sister
MSR003: Chris Lee - Chris Lee
MSR004: The Mendoza Line - We're All in this Alone
MSR005: Bablicon - The Orange Tapered Moon
MSR006: Volcano the Bear - The One Burned Ma
MSR007: Destroyer - Streethawk: A Seduction
MSR008: Bablicon - A Flat Inside a Fog, the Cat that was a Dog
MSR009: Summer Hymns - A Celebratory Arm Gesture
MSR010: Jenny Toomey - Antidote
MSR011: The Mendoza Line - Lost in Revelry
MSR012: Marshmallow Coast - Ride the Lightning
MSR013: St. Thomas - I'm Coming Home
MSR014: Southeast Engine - Love is a Murder, a Mystery of Sorts
MSR015: Shearwater - Everybody Makes Mistakes
MSR016: Jenny Toomey - Tempting
MSR017: The Bruces - The War of The Bruces
MSR018: Chris Lee - Cool Rock
MSR019: Summer Hymns - Clemency
MSR020: Centro-matic - Love You Just the Same
MSR021: Will Johnson - Vultures Await
MSR022: Centro-matic - Flashes & Cables EP
MSR023: Summer Hymns - Value Series, Vol. I: Fool's Gold
MSR024: Shearwater - Winged Life
MSR025: Marshmallow Coast - Antistar
MSR026: The Bruces - The Shining Path
MSR027: Will Johnson - Survey/Voyage
MSR028: The Mendoza Line - Sent Down to AA
MSR029: Shearwater - Thieves
MSR030: Phosphorescent - Aw Come Aw Wry
MSR031: Summer Hymns - Backward Masks
MSR032: Great Lake Swimmers - Great Lake Swimmers
MSR033: South San Gabriel - Not Until the Operation's Through
MSR034: Slow Dazzle - The View From the Floor
MSR035: Great Lake Swimmers - Bodies & Minds
MSR036: Flotation Toy Warning - Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck
MSR037: The Mendoza Line - Full of Light & Full of Fire
MSR038: Centro-matic - Triggers & Trash Heaps
MSR039: Centro-matic - Fort Recovery
MSR040: Shearwater - Palo Santo
MSR041: Evangelicals - So Gone
MSR042: Palomar - All Things, Forests
MSR043: Hallelujah the Hills - Collective Psychosis Begone
MSR044: Southeast Engine - Coming to Terms with Gravity
MSR045: Mobius Band - Heaven
MSR046: Southeast Engine - A Wheel Within A Wheel
MSR047: Sleeping States - There the Open Spaces
MSR048: Centro-matic & South San Gabriel - Dual Hawks
MSR049: The Low Lows - Shining Violence
MSR050: Southeast Engine - One Caught Fire
MSR051: Sleeping States - Old vs. New
MSR052: Hallelujah the Hills - Colonial Drones
MSR053: Southeast Engine - From the Forest to the Sea
MSR054: Emily Rodgers - Bright Day
MSR055: Monahans - Dim the Aurora
MSR056: Theodore - Hold You Like a Lover
MSR057: Dust From 1000 Years - Marble Memo
MSR058: Theodore - Blood Signs
MSR059: Bears - Greater Lakes
MSR060: Southeast Engine - Canary
MSR061: The Black Swans - Don't Blame the Stars
MSR062: Water Liars - Phantom Limb
MSR063: Wooden Wand - Briarwood
MSR064: The Black Swans - Occasion For Song
MSR065: Southeast Engine - Canaanville EP
MSR066: R. Ring - Fallout & Fire/See
MSR067: Holopaw - Academy Songs, Volume I
MSR068: Holopaw - Golden Sparklers/Yearling's Darlings
MSR069: Sleeping States & Holopaw - Old vs. New/Through 'til the Morning Comes
MSR070: Spineriders (featuring Jason Molina) - Hello Future Tinglies
MSR071: Motel Beds - These Are the Days Gone By
MSR072: Torres & Motel Beds with Kelley Deal - The Harshest Light/Tropics of the Sand
MSR073: Crooks on Tape - Fingerprint
MSR074: The Paranoid Style - EPs I & II
MSR075: Various Artists - Misra Records, 15 Years: Adventures in Obstinacy
MSR076: Torres - Torres
MSR077: Adam Torres - Nostra Nova
MSR078: Anthonie Tonnon - Successor
MSR079: Somerset Catalog - Lonely Fang
MSR080: Land Lines - The Natural World
MSR081: Knowlton Bourne - Songs from Motel 43
MSR082: Melaena Cadiz - Sunfair
MSR083: Will Johnson & Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster - Inclined/Moccasin Bones
MSR084: Daily Grind - I Did Those Things
MSR085: Emily Rodgers - Two Years
MSR086: Hallelujah the Hills - Wave Backwards to Massachusetts/Oxus Pagoda
MSR087: The Baltic - Archipelago EP
MSR088: Chet Vincent & The Big Bend - Celebrate
MSR089: déCollage - Magnetize
MSR090: Racing Heart - What Comes After
MSR091: Will Johnson - Nervousness Fangs/Small Leads
MSR092: Modern Howls - Julian Jasper EP
MSR093: William Matheny - Strange Constellations
MSR094: Gab Bonesso - Everyone's Dead (A Comedy Album)
MSR095: Knowlton Bourne - Songs from the Silver Light
MSR096: Mars Jackson - Good Days Never Last Forever
MSR097: Paperhaus - Are These the Questions That We Need to Ask?
MSR098: Jeff Betten - Small Doses/Learning It As I Go
MSR099: Chet Vincent - Hey Neighbor/Campaign
MSR100: Various Artists - A Very Misra Holiday Season!
MSR101: Chet Vincent - Where the Earth Opens Wide
MSR102: André Costello and the Cool Minors - Resident Frequencies
MSR103: William Matheny - Moon Over Kenova
MSR104: Rave Ami - All Great Bands Break Up
MSR105: William Matheny - Flashes & Cables/Christian Name
MSR106: Various Artists - A Very HughShows Holiday!
MSR107: Danny Rectenwald - Samadhi
MSR108: Drowsy - Drowsy EP
MSR109: Bindley Hardware Co. - Deep/Strange Time
MSR110: Sam Goodwill - Phthalo
MSR111: The Hawkeyes - Ever for After
MSR112: Jonny Goood - Bass Hop 2020