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Volcano the Bear - "The One Burned Ma"

Volcano the Bear - "The One Burned Ma"

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Trying to pigeonhole any Volcano the Bear release is a difficult task. The best way to approach a description of their sound seems to be accumulating dozens of artist names, hoping the reader will know them all and will be able to find the connections between them. Well, in the case of The One Burned Ma, a short list would have to include Can, Faust, This Heat, Nurse With Wound, the Residents, and Mnemonists.

The album was recorded on a four-track between March 1996 and February 2000. It is presented in the form of 13 segueing tracks, a sort of sound collage where each idea morphs into another. Strummed acoustic guitar is backed by high-pitched electronics, odd percussion flirts with accordion, all of it forming a shroud of sound. Sometimes a gust of wind lifts a piece of the shroud and one can hear the outline of a song, as on the Egyptian-like "Expert" or the plainsong styling of "Before I Was After'd." Since this is Volcano the Bear's first American release, The One Burned Ma may be the best place to start.

1. Colour of My Find
2. She Sang a Song of Norway
3. Ped Is Feet
4. Reah's Mort
5. Lily & the Sparrows
6. Salt
7. Expert
8. Meisheishorses
9. Arc Felt
10. Wood Frong Pond
11. Before I Was After'd
12. Uh - Oom
13. Digging for Opera

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