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Torres - "Torres"

Torres - "Torres"

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Mackenzie Scott's voice conveys raw, urgent desperation, the sort we flinch from instinctually and are attuned, on a primal level, to heed. It is an "I haven't eaten in three days" sound, pitched between stray-dog growl, moan, and sigh. If this voice appeared on a 3 AM voicemail, your blood would freeze. Like its owner, it fairly lunges to be heard.

Scott, from Nashville, records as Torres. This is her first album. She recorded it mostly in single live-band takes, close-mic'ed, and many of the album's 10 stark, stunning songs are set for nothing more than a single electric guitar. The lyrics are full of tricky, messy subject matter - loaded poses of female need, abjection, subjugation, domination - and Scott handles it deftly, furtively, like hot stones slipped from palm to palm, or a lighter flicked under a wrist. Her sure touch with these explosive subjects immediately puts her in the league of artists like PJ Harvey or EMA. Like them, she paints in whole-hand smears when the moment calls for it. Her ability to capture and sustain a single a spellbinding mood conjures the hypnotic hurt of the earliest, best Songs:Ohia or Cat Power. Her record is an overwhelming rush of feeling, and it connects with throat-seizing immediacy.

1. Mother Earth, Father God
2. Honey
3. Jealousy and I
4. November Baby
5. When Winter's Over
6. Chains
7. Moon & Back
8. Don't Run Away, Emilie
9. Come To Terms
10. Waterfall

Cassette: Purple cassette housed in plastic case, with digital download code