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Summer Hymns - "Clemency"

Summer Hymns - "Clemency"

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Summer Hymns' third record, Clemency, could quite possibly be an indie county-rock connoisseur's dream. It takes hold of the subtle textures of Yo La Tengo, the sweetness of Grandaddy, a little Elephant 6 psychedelia, and the country pastures of My Morning Jacket. With new members Matt Dawson (bass, banjo, mandolin, keyboards) and Matt Stoessel (pedal steel, guitar), the Athens quartet settles into a slightly twangy, mostly melancholy proceeding.

Recorded in Nashville with Lambchop member Mark Nevers, Clemency finds its strength in the songwriting of singer/guitarist Zachary Gresham and a wagonful of various instrumentation. Much of this is downcast, with the likes of "Cold Hamster" about problems concerning pets and the doleful "Eyes." "Pete Rose Affinity" is an upbeat swing back into baseball, but the band moves back into sorrow with "What's Going On." "Wet Mess," which could be a theme for a television drama, further establishes Summer Hymns' sad/happy balance as well as a respectable record.

1. Footprints
2. Be Anywhere
3. Upon Your Face
4. Feeling in Rafters
5. Trouble
6. This Hip Hop
7. Cold Hamster
8. Eyes
9. Pete Rose Affinity
10. What's Going On?
11. Wet Mess
12. I Erase
13. Coweta County
14. This Life That I Live

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