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Hallelujah the Hills - "Colonial Drones"

Hallelujah the Hills - "Colonial Drones"

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Hallelujah the Hills are still taking cues from both 1990s lo-fi and ambitious 2000s indie, but they've jumped to the accelerated class on their second album, Colonial Drones. Despite the record opening with the sound of a cello, if that collage art on the album's cover doesn't remind you of Guided by Voices, the rest of the opening track certainly will. "A Guide to the World's Most Fantastic Monsters" picks up on a lesson well learned from GBV - not bluster or inscrutability, but brevity. It's a hell of a rallying cry for a midtempo opening track, and when the call-and-response comes in, the song really lifts off; not a second is wasted. They pull the same effective trick on "Station", with singer Ryan Walsh's weary double-tracked voice sounding a little more like Conor Oberst than Robert Pollard on that one, which is twice as charming for being half as long as you'd expect. It's an album of haunted minds, ominous figures that could be angels or devils, dreams delivered from character to character, and forgotten boxes of tapes in garages that wind up meaning the difference between life or death.

1. A Guide To The World's Most Fantastic Monsters
2. The Might Come Back Club
3. Put The Gurus In Charge
4. Blank Passports
5. Allied Lions
6. Oxus Pagoda
7. Variations On The Grand National Championships
8. Station
9. The Echo Sequence
10. Classic Tapes
11. You Better Hope You (Die Before Me)
12. It Carries Back
13. Flight Of The Paper Pilots

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