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Hallelujah the Hills - "Collective Psychosis Begone"

Hallelujah the Hills - "Collective Psychosis Begone"

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"There’s something intimate about this album - it feels as if you’re in a room with these guys, and they laugh at your jokes, and they play a few songs, and you applaud, then you all go out and get drunk together." — Soundcheck Magazine, 2007

1. Sleeper Agent (Just Waking Up)
2. Wave Backwards to Massachusetts
3. Hallelujah the Hills
4. The House Is All Lit Up
5. Raise the Flag of Your Sibling's Favorite Daydream
6. (The Crux of the Camera Man)
7. Slow Motion Records Broken at Break Neck Speeds
8. Effie's on the Other Side
9. The Trap
10. Teenage Synesthete
11. It's All Been Downhill Since the Talkies Started to Sing
12. To All My Scientist Colleagues I Bid You Farewell

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