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Chris Lee - "Cool Rock"

Chris Lee - "Cool Rock"

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Chris Lee's brand of indie rock is a unique blend of soul, mainstream balladry, and indie. His third record, Cool Rock, is very much of a piece with the first two, with Lee's gently soaring vocals and intimate lyrics; the subtle horn arrangements; chattering, Unrest-style guitars; and soulful organs. Lee sounds more assured and confident than ever; his vocals are never less than strong and are often awe-inspiring - sort of like Tim Buckley on a concise soul kick (or Jeff Buckley minus the bombast).

1. Cossacks of Love
2. Sail On
3. (I Was a Teenage) Symphony to God
4. Lately I Want You
5. Bronx Science (Julie Ann)
6. Understand (I'm Your Man)
7. Say It Ain't Soul
8. Nobody Cares for Me

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