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Chris Lee - "Chris Lee"

Chris Lee - "Chris Lee"

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Philly soul has rarely if ever served as a reference point for indie rock, which is a significant part of what makes Chris Lee's self-titled debut album so refreshing: Existing somewhere equidistant between the sweeping romanticism of the Delfonics and the frenetic strum of Unrest, Lee's blue-eyed punk-soul bridges so many musical gaps - contextual, chronological, even racial - that it makes genre pigeonholing virtually meaningless. The vintage Philly comparisons go far beyond the soaring vocals and smoldering melodies, however - Lee's lyrics also reveal an emotional intimacy and carnal honesty which harkens back to early '70s artists like Teddy Pendergrass and Billy Paul; remarkably free of irony and attitude, songs like the opening "Thom's Bells," "The Sexual Politics of Me," and "(Please Don't Be My) Maud Gonne" are powered by serpentine sensuality. Indie rock as aphrodisiac - who would have imagined?

1. Thom's Bells
2. The Sexual Politics of Me
3. The Art of Self-Destruction
4. (Please Don't Be My) Maud Gonne
5. Angel C
6. Baby Belle
7. Dixie's Door
8. I Can't Make Love to You Anymore

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