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Centro-Matic - "Flashes and Cables"

Centro-Matic - "Flashes and Cables"

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This EP of cuts from the Love You Just the Same era piles its rock vegetables under the home-fried mash potatoes, douses the mess with whiskey, and uses a pile of old Grandaddy and Pavement records for fuel. Will Johnson's torn-throat singing is wonderfully raw, and Centro-Matic's playing is the perfect blend of dust and distortion diatribe. The title track appears twice, once as a yearning, noisy indie country number, and again in the "Relax/Recline" version, stripped to Johnson's forlorn desert poetry and afterimages of scratchy modern psychedelia. Flashes and Cables is remarkably strong throughout, but its best moment might be "Guillotines Hung Together." While it would be awesome for its name alone, the track is a roaring, passion-filled plea; it's like a good cry when you're drunk.

1. Flashes and Cables
2. Guillotines Hung Together
3. Why They Are Playing So Loudly
4. Flashes and Cables (Relax/Recline)
5. Infernoesque Grande
6. Love You Just the Same

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CD: Jewel case with full lyric booklet (also includes original video content)