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Does Misra accept demos?

Misra Records only accepts demo submissions from band managers. Demos sent by artists themselves will be ignored.

And if you're an artist without a manager, let’s think about this for a minute... do you even really need a label? We’re not the kind of company that will make you famous. We work with established artists to help organize, protect, and grow their ongoing artistic endeavors.

You probably have a friend who’d make a great manager. Find someone you trust and who’s willing to work hard. Someone you like hanging out with, someone who understands what you’re trying to do, someone who will always tell you the truth. That’s probably the best situation for any artist. It’s a simple business model: work hard, be nice, and have realistic expectations. Be prepared for success, but don’t expect it. Everyone will be happy if you do it that way.

Can I intern with Misra?

We might be! Inquire at info@misrarecords.com

Can I use an MP3 on my podcast/blog?

Any MP3s that we offer as promotional downloads on our site are pre-cleared for podcasting and blogs. Nonetheless, we’d love to know that you’re using them. Let us know at press@misrarecords.com