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Southeast Engine - "Coming to Terms With Gravity"

Southeast Engine - "Coming to Terms With Gravity"

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Southeast Engine's Coming to Terms with Gravity is easily one of the most admirable displays of alt-country perfection. By the time the piano begins to melt with the acoustic guitar in the opening track "I'm Never Sure," the listener is transported into another world where everything is overtly sensitive to touch. The detachment-of-self is easily recognized through the lyrical presentation in a way that only a handful musicians have expressed with such dangerous sincerity. This record lies somewhere in between Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker and Wilco's A Ghost is Born. Coming to Terms with Gravity is an absolutely inspiring piece of work derived from the gut-wrenching heartache brought on by love, departure, and adulthood. Any individual who has found themselves in the horrifyingly bleak expanse between hope and loss can easily attach themselves to this record.

1. I'm Never Sure
2. Photos of Nothing
3. Up to You
4. Try
5. I Try Not to Lie
6. Forced to Believe
7. Undergrad
8. Famous Filmmaker
9. Holy Ghost
10. Coming to Terms with Gravity

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