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The Baltic - "Archipelago"

The Baltic - "Archipelago"

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Hailing from Denver, The Baltic are a revolutionary dream rock band characterized by their vibrant tonalities, psychedelic riffs, and euphoric harmonies. The four-piece group consists of drummer/singer Graham Epstein, guitarists Adam Dankowski and Jose Chalit, and bassist Josh Kaplan. The band started in Epstein's basement in the sixth grade, and is now opening for national acts such as Delicate Steve and Imperial Teen. The Baltic’s aesthetic is influenced by nineties shoegaze and britpop acts such as Ride and Chapterhouse, combined with a distinctive pallet inspired by frigid arctic landscapes and tropical islands.

Their new album, Archipelago, derives from aspects of dream rock, pop, and shoegaze, lying in the blissful middle ground between the ethereal explosions found in "72 Hours," and the sun-soaked pop melodies of "San Francisco." Archipelago experiments with an eclectic array of instruments such as the Mellotron and Japanese flute, flying you through an ecstatic hallucination of captivating timbres and dreamlike songwriting. The Baltic is reinventing the styles of nineties shoegaze to fit the modern day, providing an auditory experience unlike any other.

1. Bloom
2. San Francisco
3. Fortitude
4. Turquoise
5. 72 Hours

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