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Land Lines

Land Lines is an impossible decade, some gap in history where the tines of early electric pianos shimmer in echo chambers, baroque cellos thrum minor chords, and modern percussive rhythms build with surgical precision, all culminating in sparing, angular pop melodies that find new creative spaces in an otherwise overpopulated musical landscape.

Land Lines arose from the ashes of Matson Jones, when Martina Grbac, Anna Mascorella, and Ross Harada regrouped and began crafting new songs. After releasing their self-titled LP on Denver’s Cash Cow Records, Anna left the group to attend graduate school; James Han, who had been recording and touring with Nathaniel Rateliff and Gregory Alan Isakov, joined and helped shape the new sonic direction of the band.

In early 2014, Land Lines recruited Xandy Whitesel to record/mix and TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, David Bazan) to master a second LP, The Natural World. With sultry songs that saunter, thrust, and linger, The Natural World is a treasure trove of heart breaking songs of love, loss, and human nature and ushers in the next era of Land Lines’s sonic exploration.

Land Lines has performed at venues such as the Boulder Theatre and Red Rocks Amphitheater, and has shared the stage with artists such as Devotchka, Nathaniel Rateliff, Esme Patterson, and Black Heart Procession. In 2015, ahead of their debut on Misra Records, the band performed a show backed by the Colorado Symphony.


  • From: Denver, CO
  • Year Formed: 2011
  • Members: Martina Grbac, Ross Harada, James Han


  • CMJ "A warble, a long, single keyboard chord and a shaker draw you in, but fade under the subtle yearn of singer Martina Grbac. Minimal but incrementally brooding drums and keyboards soon start to pull Grbac around a sonic equivalent of a spooky, high ceiling foyer in some forgotten mansion somewhere."