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Monahans - "Dim the Aurora"

Monahans - "Dim the Aurora"

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Somewhere between Sebadoh's introspective minor key melodies, Spoon's hooky simplicity, and the dusty atmospherics of side two of The Joshua Tree lies Dim The Aurora - the second full-length by Austin quintet Monahans. While songs such as "It's Enough to Leave You" and "The Low Light" feature more structured pop songwriting, the second half of the album foregrounds the instrumental textures the band perfected on their debut, Low Pining - most notably on "Terrine," a layered soundscape that morphs and dissipates like the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas, over the course of 22 minutes.

1. It's Enough to Leave You
2. Slow Burn
3. Night #3
4. I Run to You
5. Dim the Aurora
6. The Low Light
7. Over Fields
8. Fit for Fire
9. Into the Expanse 1849
10. Terrene
11. Distorted Signals

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