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Sleeping States & Holopaw - "Old vs. New/Through till the Morning Comes"

Sleeping States & Holopaw - "Old vs. New/Through till the Morning Comes"

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June is LGBT Pride Month and June 2013 was particularly momentous, as it ended with a bang when the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, Prop 8 got the boot, and scores of same-sex couples headed to courthouses for their marriage licenses. While Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” might be the first song that comes to mind, there were other musicians also celebrating, and beyond getting their party on, contributing to the fight for LGBT rights and understanding. Sleeping States and Holopaw are two such artists, and they released a split 12” on June 25, 2013 in honor and celebration of that year’s LGBT Pride Month.

The split consists of Sleeping States’ Old vs. New, a reworking of older songs that are quick and punchy, coming in at five songs in about 10 minutes. Followed by Holopaw’s Through ‘til the Morning, which is actually a nine-minute remix of a song by the same name from their previous release, Academy Songs, Volume 1, courtesy of producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, Ugly Casanova). Both frontmen Markland Starkie (Sleeping States) and John Orth (Holopaw) also happen to be openly gay musicians. While the music on Old vs. New/Through ‘til the Morning doesn’t lyrically run through a laundry list of LGBT topics or provide us with a modern gay anthem like Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” - behind the scenes, this album is making a fair contribution.

A portion of proceeds from the album are being donated to The Point Foundation, who support and empower LGBT students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential aka supporting ambitious students who rock and despite challenges are trying their damn hardest to make a difference where LGBT rights are concerned.

1. Sleeping States - Planning My Escape
2. Sleeping States - Old vs. New
3. Sleeping States - Liberty Feelup
4. Sleeping States - A Trip To NYC
5. Sleeping States - Trumpet Calls
6. Holopaw - Through 'Til The Morning Comes (Brian Deck Remix)

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LP: 150g pink vinyl with lyric sheet