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The Low Lows - "Shining Violence"

The Low Lows - "Shining Violence"

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Imagine Lambchop's Kurt Wagner fronting the Jesus & Mary Chain and you'll have a pretty decent point of entry into the work of The Low Lows. The Athens, Georgia band combines an organic (albeit art-damaged) brand of avant-Americana with the fuzzy, reverb-drenched, sonic-canyon-spelunking sound of the shoegazer set. On their second album (and first for Misra), Shining Violence, the results are unfailingly atmospheric and consistently evocative.

1. Sparrows
2. Raining in Eva
3. Modern Romance
4. Elizabeth Pier
5. Tigers
6. Disappear
7. Five Ways I Didn't Die
8. It May Be Low
9. Honey

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