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Summer Hymns - "A Celebratory Arm Gesture"

Summer Hymns - "A Celebratory Arm Gesture"

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Summer Hymns concoct more ethereal indie pop/rock with art rock, psychedelic, and even ambient compositional shades on their second album. It's a pleasing approach, incongruous yet somehow nice to behold, much like the cover picture of a lion walking on a deserted field with skyscrapers in the background. As songwriters, they have an off-kilter nonchalant charm similar to those of early '70s British psych-into-prog figures like Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers, and Robert Wyatt.

The more or less song-oriented passages are broken up by instrumental interludes that go into murky fourth-dimensional territory with their use of orchestral instruments, foggy electronic treatments, and unpredictable swerves into American folk licks. The use of pungent church-psychedelic organ is a strength, and the whimsical deployment of creative orchestration owes at least as much to Brian Wilson as to Brian Eno.

1. The Twilight
2. One More Teardrop
3. Fuzzy Side of Life
4. After Hours
5. Turn Here
6. Something's Going On
7. Trolling on the Lake
8. I Could Give the World Away
9. Softigon
10. Everything at Best
11. Closure Eyes
12. The Daybreak

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