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Marshmallow Coast - "Ride the Lightning"

Marshmallow Coast - "Ride the Lightning"

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A quirky - if not downright goofy - album, Marshmallow Coast spreads songs about ghosts and reading the newspaper around piano instrumentals and startlingly good acoustic guitar suites. Even more impressive are tracks like "Jebodiah's Restraints," which suggest that Marshmallow Coast has learned a thing or two from watching Of Montreal mastermind Kevin Barnes craft his gloriously twisted melodies, as they emerge with a similarly impressive ear for complex pop songwriting. Overall, an album that establishes Marshmallow Coast as more than a supporting player in the Elephant 6 canon.

1. Classifieds
2. Ghost With Wisdom
3. Darkside of the Moon
4. Piano Bit
5. Oblivion
6. Chameleon
7. Piano Bit
8. Haunted Blvds.
9. So-and-So's With Emeralds in the Sky
10. A Pear, De Lune
11. Dee et Moi
12. Guitar Suite for Little Debbie
13. Piano Bit
14. Jebodiah's Restraints

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