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Jenny Toomey - "Antidote"

Jenny Toomey - "Antidote"

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In studio-era Hollywood, Jenny Toomey might have starred in caper movies as a Rosalind Russell type: fast-talking, efficient, earthy, with a heart that melts prudently, most of the time. Instead, this singer-songwriter grew up in the post-punk underground of Washington, making a mark with her band Tsunami, which used rock's guitar- heavy swirl as a base for graceful phrase-turning. As she matured, guiding the independent label Simple Machines and eventually becoming a successful lobbyist on behalf of musicians' rights, Ms. Toomey used side projects to explore period pop.

Luckily, her underground scene grew more urbane along with her, and on this solo double CD she freely explores the space where vintage aesthetics meet a contemporary feminist sensibility. From the opening "Patsy Cline," a romp offering satirical advice to the lovelorn, through moodier numbers like the phonetically splendid "Unclaimed," Ms. Toomey gives the elaborate chamber-pop now fashionable among college rockers a welcome warmth and clarity.

Each disc was recorded with stellar collaborators, one in Chicago and one in Nashville. Ms. Toomey's writing shines through in songs that tenderly and mercilessly recount the foibles of supposedly enlightened romancers. As a star vehicle for her wit and her rich alto, all the more appealing because of occasional imperfections, Antidote is an award-worthy debut.

Disc 1:

1. Patsy Cline
2. Baby Would It Matter
3. Word Traffic
4. Fall on Me
5. Clear Cut
6. Breezewood, PA
7. Needmore, PA
8. Useless Excuses

Disc 2:

1. Unclaimed
2. Charm City
3. The Smell of Him
4. When You Get Cold
5. Know from Me
6. Artful Dodger
7. Fool for You
8. Further Unclaimed

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CD: 2 discs, jewel case with full lyric booklet