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déCollage - "Magnetize"

déCollage - "Magnetize"

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If Salvador Dali’s paintings were music, they would sound like déCollage. Formed in 2009 by Moon Magnet Studio ringleader Reed Fuchs, déCollage is a collective comprised of over 20 of Denver’s most creative musicians, including members of Rose Quartz, Candy Claws, Sound of Ceres, Rubedo, and many more. Their shows are theatrical, free-spirited parties - interactive to the point that the audience gets doused in space blankets while transcendental artists paint on stage. déCollage has played alongside the likes of Animal Collective, of Montreal, and Flaming Lips collaborators Spaceface. Their eclectic psychedelic pop incorporates accordion, glockenspiel, and a canvas of found sounds Reed records. The lyrics navigate our fragmented, post-modern world through metaphysics, surrealism, abstraction, and wonder. déCollage is interested in sounds for their own sake.

1. Crystal Choir
2. Better Things, Pt. 2
3. ;) Semicolon Parentheses
4. Cerulean Chasms
5. Magnetize
6. Denver Hustle
7. Gotta Good Thing Going, Pt. 1
8. Gotta Good Thing Going, Pt. 2
9. Better Things, Reprise
10. Friendlings
11. Rise Above

CD: 4-panel digipak, shrink-wrapped
mp3: 320kbps mp3s delivered immediately upon purchase