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Daily Grind - "I Did Those Things"

Daily Grind - "I Did Those Things"

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Since the band’s inception in 2012, Daily Grind has been about just that: the day-in-day-out dedication to their craft. From humble Pittsburgh roots, handing out demos to friends at house shows, and through relentless nationwide touring, Daily Grind has grown from just a group of college kids known for packing parties into a true grassroots phenomenon. The band has adopted a collective mentality of constant work, using the rallying cry “Stay grinding!”

Their debut album, I Did Those Things, was recorded in a two month span at The Wilderness Recording Studio by producer/engineer J. Vega (White Wives, Roger Harvey) and mastered by Grammy winner Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low). The record is a culmination of the time and effort the band has spent establishing their sound: the magnitude of the drums and the crunch of the guitars are tailored for fans of Incubus and The Black Keys, but the electricity and intensity that come through are something all their own. Lovers of 90's and 00's rock will have a new favorite album in the form of Daily Grind's I Did Those Things.

1. Low Life
2. Unaccounted For
3. Sense of Relief
4. All My Friends
5. The World is Yours 
6. Haystack 
7. Tom Sawyer Is Your Brother 
8. Blacktops & Boulevards 
9. Call Me Out
10. Lost Track #9
11. From the Ground Up

CD: 4-panel digipak, shrink-wrapped