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Centro-Matic & South San Gabriel - "Dual Hawks"

Centro-Matic & South San Gabriel - "Dual Hawks"

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When is a split album not entirely a split album? Will Johnson is the connecting factor between the two bands featured on Dual Hawks, both of which are among other outlets for his muse besides his straight-up solo work, so the fact that such a release could eventually happen isn't so surprising, and couldn't be any more manna for the fans.

Disc 1:

1. The Rat Patrol and Dj's
2. Two Seats Gold Reserved
3. Quality Strange
4. Remind Us Alive
5. Every Single Switch C
6. I, the Kite
7. Strychnine, Breathless Ways
8. All Your Farewells
9. Counting the Scars
10. Twenty-Four
11. A Critical Display of Snakes

Disc 2:

1. Emma Jane
2. Kept On the Sly
3. When the Angels Will Put Out Their Lights
4. Of Evil / For Evil
5. My Goodbyes
6. Senselessly
7. Corner Cross
8. Trust To Lose
9. The Arc and the Cusp
10. Alabama Crusade
11. Jornada Del Muerto #20
12. From This I Will Awake

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CD: 2 discs, Jewel case with full lyric booklet