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Centro-Matic - "Love You Just the Same"

Centro-Matic - "Love You Just the Same"

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To call Centro-Matic's Will Johnson prolific would be a bit of an understatement. Not only has the Texas songwriter been able to produce songs at the drop of a hat, but he's been able to produce good pop songs at the drop of a hat. If Starflyer 59's Jason Martin is known in some indie circles as a master of writing shoegazer-influenced pop songs, then surely Johnson is his alt-country-influenced counterpart. While the rocking songs have that big emotional push in them that makes for a clincher, the ballads drive straight into the listener's heart and soul and don't let up one bit. The alcohol tinge - whether in a somber, reflective tone or in an all-out-partying mode - definitely shows itself on these songs, along with the open-range Texas feel. From the production to the extra little perks like the Beach Boys feel on some of the backing vocals or the strings added to other tunes, Love You Just the Same is Centro-Matic at its best: full of emotion, pop hooks, and tranquil introspection.

1. The Mighty Midshipman
2. Flashes and Cables
3. Argonne Limit Co.
4. Biology Tricks
5. Strahan Has Corralled the Freaks
6. All the Lightning Rods
7. Reset Anytime
8. Picking Up Too Fast
9. Spiraling Sideways
10. Supercar
11. Silver Plate Complaints
12. Breathe Deep Not Loud
13. Without You

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