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Southeast Engine - "From the Forest to the Sea"

Southeast Engine - "From the Forest to the Sea"

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The follow-up to 2007's A Wheel Within a Wheel, Southeast Engine's second album, From the Forest to the Sea starts with the three-part epic "The Forest," which recalls the epic scope and ramshackle folk-rock ambition of albums like the Decemberists' The Crane Wife and Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Following that substantial beginning, the album settles into a more traditional brand of indie folk with some lo-fi rock leanings, but this 12-song set has an admirable musical and lyrical heft.

1. The Forest, Pt. 1
2. The Forest, Pt. 2
3. The Forest, Pt. 3
4. Law-Abiding Citizen
5. Two of Every Kind
6. Black Gold
7. Easier Said Than Done
8. Quest for Noah's Ark
9. Preparing for the Flood
10. Malcontent
11. Sea of Galilee
12. From the Roots of the Mountains to Your Holy Temple

CD: Jewel case with full lyric booklet
LP: 180g black vinyl with lyric sheet