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The Mendoza Line - "Full of Light and Full of Fire"

The Mendoza Line - "Full of Light and Full of Fire"

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Full of Light and Full of Fire is easily one of the best albums of the 2000s. Seven albums into their career, The Mendoza Line finally made a record both brilliant and focused. Gone were the songs that merely hinted at genius but fell apart before the payoff. Also gone were the songs that lacked structure and merely meandered through snippets of promise. Indeed, while the tracks all sound different, the common link is the attention to craftsmanship.

Every melody and guitar riff sounds meticulously sculpted, yet retains a spontaneous grit. More importantly, The Mendoza Line has once again tapped into the American mystique. Like Born to Run, Pleased to Meet Me, and Being There, Full of Light and Full of Fire is another page in American mythology, an artifact of the withered dreams and fallen hopes of the dispossessed.

1. Water Surrounds
2. Catch a Collapsing Star
3. Golden Boy (Torture in the Shed)
4. Rat's Alley
5. Settle Down, Zelda
6. Pipe Stories
7. Name Names
8. Mysterious in Black
9. Morbid Craving
10. The Lethal Temptress
11. Our Love Is Like a Wire

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