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Adam Torres - "Nostra Nova"

Adam Torres - "Nostra Nova"

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At the age of twenty, Torres wrote and recorded Nostra Nova, an album greatly inspired by the visual art of Adolf Wolfli and the writing of Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung. Torres developed these inspirations from summer visits to his parents' home in Switzerland, where they lived from Torres' late teens through his mid-twenties. A long-time member of Ohio folk-rock band Southeast Engine, Torres originally recorded and released Nostra Nova in a very DIY fashion in 2006, with the album amassing a strongly devoted cult following over the years. 

Lyrically, Nostra Nova falls within alternative song structure found in folk an popular music tradition but its unorthodox sonic execution elicits idiosyncratic responses, drawing comparisons to the architectural aesthetic of Frank Gehry. Condensing a vast tract of of memories into one record, Nostra Nova is a forty minute coming of age meditation on love, longing, and the unconscious mind.

1. Voices From The Top Of The Mountain (Sleepwalking Blues) 
2. The Butlers And The Maids 
3. Dusty Wing Spirit
4. Breakneck Jane's Fifteen Minute Escape
5. Rosemarie
6. El Vuelo De La Paloma 
7. Fate Is Kind 
8. Alone Together
9. Things I've Learned From Bells 
10. Angry Sun 
11. Now That It's Morning

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LP: 150g black vinyl, contains lyric sheet and download code