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Somerset Catalog - "Lonely Fang"

Somerset Catalog - "Lonely Fang"

$ 19.98

Lonely Fang is a monument to bittersweetness, carved out of jagged and fractured rock, proud in the face of blinding rain and wind. Its direct attack is disarming but never blunt, filtered as it is through poetic rumination. There's wistful, excruciatingly pretty songcraft in the vein of The National and Arcade Fire, and tunes that layer on the keyboard, chiming guitars and harmonized vocals a la the band's biggest influence (and sorta-previous incarnation) Everything Absent or Distorted.

But there's also the upbeat "My Brother, The War," which features no small amount of simmering instrumental tension alongside unspooled lyrical mightiness. There are New Order-quality tones dangling from "Golden Balcony" and "Landing Gear" that demand unselfconscious booty shaking. Anything this textured and bronzed should naturally feel heavy. Instead, Lonely Fang hangs like a silky whole, a navy-blue tableaux of that moment when dusk turns to night, and despair to excitement. Steely. Teary-eyed. Determined.

A portion of the sales of this record will benefit Picture Me Here, an art and storytelling program for refugees. Photographs that adorn the LP are by refugees now living in Colorado and are part of the Picture Me Here program.

1. Tired for the Cause
2. Shaking Windows
3. Broken Elbow
4. Secrets this Year
5. Landing Gear
6. My Brother, the War
7. Holy Cigarettes
8. Golden Balcony
9. This Piano
10. Nico

mp3: 320kbps mp3s delivered immediately upon purchase

LP: 150g black vinyl, contains lyric sheet and download code