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Racing Heart - "What Comes After"

Racing Heart - "What Comes After"

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The second album of music by Mathias H. Tjønn as Racing Heart, "What Comes After" is a political record trying to be personal rather than preachy. Produced by Hanne Hukkelberg (a renowned artist in her own right), the album is a stark departure from Racing Heart's debut record in both style and substance. Instead of looking inwards, we look outwards. Instead of being folk-based, Racing Heart aims to meld acoustic instruments and synthesized sounds. This album has sharp edges.

Genre-wise, What Comes After is an experimental pop album, inspired by musicians such as David Sylvian, Winston Tong and John Foxx. Aided greatly by the creativity of musician Jenny Hval who contributes both lyrics and vocals, the songs are propelled by the drums and programming of Martin Langlie (Susanne Sundfør, Pantha du Prince, Valkyrien Allstars).

1. Flogging a Dead Horse
2. That Doubt Returns
3. Bargaining Chip
4. New Economy
5. Letters from a Compound
6. Sleep with My Fists Clenched Tight
7. A Prayer from Our Leaders
8. New Economy (Slight Return)
9. Badlands
10. Squaring the Circle
11. What Comes After

5x7 vinyl flexidisc postcard featuring a conversation between Jenny Hval and Mathias H. Tjønn, with a digital download code containing the album