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Land Lines - "The Natural World"

Land Lines - "The Natural World"

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Featuring former members of the Fort Collins-based group Matson Jones, Land Lines is the continuation of a longstanding collaboration between close friends who have been playing and making songs together for 10 years. Formed in 2010, the new project started with Martina Grbac (cello/ vocals), Anna Mascorella (cello/vocals) and Ross Harada (drums/percussion). Their debut LP was recorded in Denver at the end of 2011 and was released by Cash Cow Production in 2012. Based in Denver, the current lineup includes Martina Grbac, Ross Harada, and James Han (electric piano/organ).

In early 2014, Land Lines recruited Xandy Whitesel to record/mix and TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, David Bazan) to master a second LP, The Natural World, which was released by Misra Records on August 21st, 2015. With sultry songs that saunter, thrust, and linger, The Natural World is a treasure trove of heart breaking songs of love, loss, and human nature and ushers in the next era of Land Lines’ sonic exploration.

1. Rivers + Streams
2. Etiquette
3. Limb From Limb
4. Logic
5. Help
6. Plans
7. Division
8. Matter
9. Will + Worry

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